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Established in 2015 with the mission to produce healthier sustainable alternatives to traditional synthetic salt fertigation.  After working in the Greenhouse and professional Hydroponic Industry for over 20 years I recognised the need and opportunity for a nutrient system driven by organic plant extracts and bio stimulants for high performance biological plant nutrition, more in line with nature that could be used in both living soils and inert Hydroponics.

Our biology driven system is powered by many organic plant extracts, bio stimulants and plant ferments including Yucca, Aloe Vera, fossilised rocks, rare earth, kelps, Algae and ocean minerals. The products are designed to work in synergy with your rhizosphere and the plants natural processes for a healthier microbiome with higher colony forming units of beneficial microbes for greater nutrient cycling, plant health and quality.

With our complete fertigation system growers have the versatility of using our range both indoors in greenhouses and outdoors in all types of growing mediums. Bio Diesels organic additives help speed the growth rates and nutrient exchange within living soils better suited to fast flowering annual crops. For inert hydroponic production we designed a full spectrum base nutrient with built in bio stimulants to be paired with our organic additive range to produce amazing Terpene profiles and higher Cannabinoid levels with maximum yields in Coco fibre, Rockwool or water-based systems.

Through working synergistically with the beneficial biology we can achieve some truly outstanding results while also becoming more environmentally conscious of pollutants like chemical farm runoff created by heavy salt based agricultural practices and recognising traditional mineral salt fertigation is highly detrimental to soil biology and longevity. Bio Diesels products are working with the natural processes and plant biology to further enhance organic nutrient cycling and overall plant and human health.

Commonly used salt fertilizer additives (ie. large amounts of Monopotassium phosphate used in the majority of current PK flowering additives) dramatically decreases microbe populations and rely on chemically chelated force feeding and sterilisation, essentially shutting down the plants natural immune responses and microbe signalling.

Bio Diesels natural extracts are designed to be microbe friendly and encourage larger beneficial populations, reduced fertilizer use and water efficiency while supplying the full spectrum of macro and micronutrients efficiently for faster growth rates and heavy blooms with higher terpenes and medicinal valueTry our Bio Diesel nutrient range to produce healthier, flavoursome fruits and flowers without the use of nasty synthetic chemicals, PGRs or excessive salts and heavy metals. We are proudly Australian and supply 100% natural plant additives to enhance the medicinal  and overall value of your favourite indoor and outdoor grown plants.

Bio Diesel Nutrients is a modern and conscious agricultural company, we are constantly innovating new products and techniques working with Australia's leading growers and Agronomists. We source the highest quality organic and microbial ingredients from Australia to develop the very best high performance, biologically fuelled nutrients that can be easily customised to different cultivars and growing techniques for both the home grower and medicinal farms.

We have a serious commitment to larger harvests of high-quality medicinal crops that are organic, nutrient dense and better for our bodies and more sustainable for our planets future.

Happy Growing,

Steve Palmer
Supreme Creations PTY LTD

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Carrum Downs 3201 , Australia

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