Licensed Farms

We have over 20 years of experience advising Medical Cannabis growers and can provide a wide range of services to help you design and operate your facility in the most efficient way.  We currently work with some of the largest farms in Australia and have a deep understanding of the issues that growing at scale can present.  We also work with smaller, boutique farms and are always on hand to provide advice and guidance when you run into issues.

We are deeply passionate about growing and are always looking for ways to improve the quality of output and yields.  We are constantly testing cutting edge solutions and only use solutions that have been tried and tested.  We work closely with world class suppliers including FOHSE Lighting and Xtreme Gardening and have longstanding relationships with industry leading professionals such as Ed Rosenthal

Everything we do is founded on the principle that your success is our success and we aim to partner with you for the long term to ensure you meet your operational and commercial goals.. 

Our Services and How We Can Help You

We offer a wide range of consulting services and are able to provide advice on every aspect of modern growing:

Facility Design and Optimisation

  • Yield forecasting
  • Optimising plant numbers and grow cycle times
  • Watering systems and plumbing design
  • Lighting
  • Environmental management

Integrated Pest Management ("IPM")

IPM and disease control are critical components of your growing operation.  Pests and disease can wipe out entire crops and have devastating financial impacts.  The first step is to design and operate your facility in a way that minimises the risk of pests or diseases arising and to implement an IPM program that stops small attacks putting entire crops at risk.  Should the worst happen and you suffer large scale infestations, we are able to provide solutions to give you the most cost effective way of minimising their impact.

Nutrient Program Design and Costing

We provide customised feed and nutrient programs to help you achieve the best results from your facility.    Our programs work with every growing style ranging from Coco/hydroponic to 100% Organic and are designed specifically for you growing environment whether that is indoor, outdoor or greenhouse. 

Our solution design will incorporate your specific commercial and operational goals and including:

  • Low cost budget programs to get your going with your first grow
  • Fully automated feed programs to minimise labour input and costs
  • Organic programs
  • Full program to give you the highest quality, premium product

As part of our service we provide a customised feed guide, detailed calculations for nutrient quantities required and a full quote for the program so that you know exactly what it will cost before committing. 

The Process

Our first step is to fully understand your commercial goals and operational requirements.  We carry out a review of your facility and environment so we can understand your growing landscape.  Where practical this will include a site visit to review the current environment and identify any site-specific challenges you might face.  

Once we have a comprehensive understanding of your requirements, we will design your solution and provide you with detailed costing. 

Next Steps

If you would like to learn more about this service or have an initial, obligation free conversation please email us on [email protected] or use the contact us form on this site.