"You weren't wrong .. I picked it up at the HHI Expo last year and have never seen anything work as good as Bio Diesel!"

Alex- HHI Expo 2019,

"I now live in Berlin and unfortunately can't get the bio diesel range here. I have tried many other ranges and they just don't perform as good. I hear from my friends back in Adelaide all the time and they are now all using their products."

Ermis - Germany,

"I use Mammoth P and the full bio Diesel range. You can't get any better"


"Stacking up my first grow on Rhino K and Bio Diesel! Cheers for the great nutes!"

"Ok the results speak for themselves... I've been missing out. Thanks for making killa products"

Jboeski - ig ,

“It’s the best selling bloom enhancer I have in the shop. It doesn't stuff up customers current grow programs and adds big value to customers crops without using chemicals. Every customer that has used Bio Diesel has been more than happy. Everyone that has used it seems to keep using it and that tells you something.

-Jason (Store owner),