Coco Brick


Easy to transport and great value. The 70L bricks are the perfect blend of coco pith and fines that are washed, buffered and KO Guaranteed! Being low compression means that the coco has retained its composition and allows correct volumes of air and water to be held within the media for dependable wet/dry cycles. Expand with 18L of plain water or premix starter solution. Great value for larger projects and soil building.

Bio Diesel has teamed up with a world leader in organic coco fibre production. Simply Organics Spain is dedicated to providing professional growing mediums since 2003. Simply Organics production facilities located in India, far away from the coast, in a salt-free environment, guaranteeing low EC levels and washed with fresh water preserving the natural Trichoderma.  Superseding old Dutch RHP certification Bio Diesel Coco products come with the highly accredited KO GURANTEE assuring its clean and clear from salts, sustainable and eco-friendly. Bio Diesel Coco is “Double washed” and primed with a special Calcium and Magnesium buffer to get your plants off to the perfect start.