Prop Plugs


Perfect for seedlings and cuttings these organic coco plugs contain a pH buffered starter solution and hold the ideal amount of air to water ratio for fast root development and early plant establishment. Unlike Rockwool they are eco-friendly and very cost efficient. Compatible with all rooting gels and powders.

Bio Diesel has teamed up with a world leader in organic coco fibre production. Simply Organics Spain is dedicated to providing professional growing mediums since 2003. Simply Organics production facilities located in India, far away from the coast, in a salt-free environment, guaranteeing low EC levels and washed with fresh water preserving the natural Trichoderma.  Superseding old Dutch RHP certification Bio Diesel Coco products come with the highly accredited KO GURANTEE assuring its clean and clear from salts, sustainable and eco-friendly. Bio Diesel Coco is “Double washed” and primed with a special Calcium and Magnesium buffer to get your plants off to the perfect start.